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The Future for gutter clearing is bright

When it comes to gutter clearing, you may have thought about doing it yourself or asking the local handyman, so you can save yourself a little bit of time and money. The problem here is that it is quite a dangerous and difficult chore that shouldn’t require any risks to be considered. Although it may not be on the top of your list of things to do around the house, keeping on top of having functional guttering around your home should be prioritised. Just like having your car serviced, you want the job done properly and to be taken care of by professionals. And that’s exactly where we come in, not only do we have the ability to clear them safely from the ground, but we can also show you the finished results too.

Now you might be thinking “When should I have my gutters cleared?” The best time of the year to have them cleared is Autumn. We know that as soon as we move into the colder months, we can always expect the rain, the wind and the leaves from the trees to fall pretty regularly. When all of these are combined, everyone’s gutters are prone to being blocked and if left untreated, can cause damage to your gutters and your home, both are costly repairs waiting to dip into your pocket once again. Depending on where you are located, we recommend having your gutters cleared once a year.

oh, hail the skyvac might atom!

Here at Toughgaard, we use the latest technology to keep your gutters free from any debris and blockages, specifically, the SkyVac Mighty Atom – a small and powerful gutter vacuum that doesn’t make a mess. We stay away from the ladder work and use telescopic poles attached with a live camera and monitor. They can extend for those hard-to-reach areas and help us identify what sections of your guttering needs to be tackled first. All we need from you is access to a power socket and we can do the rest while you put your feet up. And don’t worry about what we will find, you’d be surprised by what we have found in the past from previous gutter jobs, ranging from a barbie doll (yes, you did read that correctly) to a spanner. 

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