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Conservatory Cleaning

Keeping your conservatory roof clean can be quite a difficult task to overcome and this can be down to various obstacles such as working with limited access and not being able to clean those hard to reach areas. If neglected, algae, moss and fungus can grow, leaving your conservatory roof looking unsightly and will be much more difficult to remove. 

That’s why we recommend having your conservatory cleaned at least once a year. We are equipped with the right expertise and tools to tackle any type of conservatory in the safest way possible. 

Why choose Toughgaard for your conservatory windows?

We make use of our telescopic poles that we also use for window cleaning, although we have dedicated brush heads with fitted fan jets attached to the end of them. These can make a conservatory roof clean much easier to tackle as these jets can distribute water and our specialised soap (viro-sol) onto every glass panel on the roof and even into the most awkward areas. 

To give us the best oversight as possible, these poles are typically paired with a secure step ladder to allow us to see which parts of your conservatory needs the most attention. 

We make certain that our focus is on the conservatory as a whole which means a conservatory clean includes: the crown, panels, windows, fascia’s and external guttering and this is taken into account when we price each job. Below are two images which consists of a before and after image to illustrate the difference.


Our Conservatory Cleaning Service in 5 steps

STEP 1: Prior to our arrival we will send a reminder to ensure that there is access to all areas of the conservatory that will need to be cleaned. This means any obstructions such as garden furniture and ornaments will need to be moved so we can carry out the clean without any hazards.

STEP 2: We conclude how dirty the conservatory roof is to determine how long the job will take and the amount of soap that needs to be applied and if so, how diluted it needs to be. 

STEP 3: Using our telescopic poles, we spread and scrub the VIRO-SOL onto all surfaces of the roof to aggravate the dirt including the finials, frames and glass panels which is then left to soak for 10 minutes. 

STEP 4: Scrub all areas where the soap has been applied to remove the dirt and then give the roof a thorough rinse with pure water. 

STEP 5: We then finish up by cleaning the windows and wiping the sills down leaving your conservatory looking good as new.

What is Viro-sol Soap?

We have carefully researched the most efficient and environmentally friendly soap on the market to help us carry out this type of clean. VIRO-SOL is a specialised water-based concentrate cleaner which acts as a degreaser and is incredibly useful for agitating any form of dirt that is embedded onto surfaces such as uPVC. It is not hazardous and is rapidly biodegradable to EEC standards, so even when disposing of any residue, it can simply be poured away without being harmful to the environment.