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Why choose Toughgaard for residential window cleaning?

Our water-fed pole system ensures that we are capable of window cleaning up to 36ft of glass, frames, and sills to the highest standard. 

The window cleaning method we have embraced means that we don’t use any harmful chemicals to clean your windows. Instead, we use purified water measured at 0.0 ppm (parts per million) which signifies there is no evidence of chemicals. The result is a spotless and pristine finish for your windows.

Our team are fully trained to maximize this safer and more environmentaly-friendly way to clean windows, frames, and sills. Our modern methods also mean we can keep the cost to clean your windows low. 

How our residential window cleaning service works

Step 1: We will be in touch the night before to ensure that there is arranged access to the front and back of the property. We like to park as close to your property as possible because we will need access to our vehicle when carrying out a clean.

Step 2: One of us will make a start on the back using our 22L Gardiner portable backpacks – these are great because they can easily be brought through a house without making any mess. The other one of us will set up at the front, with health and safety signs clearly demonstrated to ensure your neighbours or any passerby’s are kept safe.

Step 3: We feed purified water through hard bristled window cleaning brushes to agitate the dirt that has build up on your windows. Once the windows, frames and sills have been scrubbed thoroughly, we rinse them to ensure they are left with nothing but purified water droplets.​

Step 4: We wipe down any sills and add any finishing touches to the windows.

Step 5: We arrange payment method and let you know when our next visit will be depending on which frequency plan you have chosen.